5 Songs for the Beginner Ukulele Player

The ukulele is an instrument that isn’t quite as popular as its relative the guitar, but it still holds a revered place in the hearts of many musicians, including George Harrison, Elvis Presley and Eddie Vedder. It’s a great first stringed instrument to pick up – the cozy size and 4 strings make it easy for an amateur to pick it up and learn quick. If you’re interested, check out http://www.fourstringfun.com/ for guides on how to buy one.

Furthermore, many transpositions of popular songs have found its way into the ukulele canon. Think of your favourite song and it’s likely that there exists a tab for it on the ukulele. Listed below are 7 songs that are perfect for beginners to get comfortable with the instrument. Hopefully, it’ll be a good starting point for you to launch yourself into mastery!

Happy Birthday

An excellent place to start for beginners playing with any musical instrument, ‘Happy Birthday’ is a classic tune that can be played in many different styles. It has easy chords with a simple strumming pattern. If you’d like to practise your fingerpicking, you can play that way as well.

Stand By Me – Ben E. King

‘Stand By Me’ has always been a popular beginner’s song, with open chords and an easy rhythm (though it’s a step up from ‘Happy Birthday’). This is a song that, with effort, you can learn in a day.

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Hugely popular, ‘I’m Yours’ has only four chords, and those are the most basic ones. The chords involved form the staple of popular music, so adding this to your repertoire will prepare you for many other songs.

Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton

On the guitar, ‘Tears in Heaven’ can be a challenging song, but ukulele variations come in simpler versions that do have the odd difficult chord. When you consider yourself familiar with the ukulele, give this song a go so you can step out of the beginner’s zone.

Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Mostly easy, this Bruno Mars track has only one challenging song – the Bb. It also makes use of the Dm chord. Both of these chords are used widely in music, so learning this song will strengthen your ukulele playing.

If there isn’t a song on the list you’d like to play, simply Google it. There are a countless number of songs that are both easy and fun to play. The important thing to is to play and stick with it! You’ll get pretty good quickly.