The Best Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Space

Essential Oil Diffusers are one of the favourite alternatives for scented candles now. Apart from being safe, they are the most beautiful way of treating many ailments, inducing sleep as well as spreading fresh smell into the atmosphere. If you are new to this aromatherapy scenario, Aromatherapy Inn has the perfect guide to read on and purchase Essential Oil Diffusers. Not all diffusers are created equal. Here is a guide to varied essential oil diffusers that you can choose.

  • Nebulizer Diffusers: Often considered the most powerful type, Nebulizing diffusers do not need heat or water to work. An atomizer is on work to create essential oil airborne particles and blow them into the air. It yields a strong concentration of even-streamed essential oils into the air. It can be turned on with a flip of a switch after attaching the diffuser to the essential oil bottle. One can control the run time with timers installed. However, these types of diffusers can expensive and louder than the ultrasonic types as well as uses the oil more quickly.
  • Heat Diffusers: These are the most basic type of essential oil diffusers that are commonly available and used. These work on the principle of heat, when a tea light or a candle is burnt under a perforated pot or vessel. The pot has an enclosed space for water and essential oil to be poured. Once the heat form the tea light warms up the solution, it evaporates into the air, thus spreading the aroma.
  • Humidifying Diffusers: humidifying or ultrasonic diffusers create affine mist through electronic frequencies. The ultrasonic vibrations produced break the essential oil into fine particles and disperse them intothe air. This type of diffuser is easy to clean and has timer settings, hence easy to operate.
  • Evaporative Diffusers: These are another basic kind of diffusers that work with a fan. A sort of pad or filter in front of the fan has essential oil drops on it. When the fan works, the air blowing through the pad causes the oil drops to evaporate more quickly into the air. However, with these kinds of diffusers, there is a loss in less volatile components. Components that are more volatile tend to evaporate more quickly.

With so  many essential oil diffusers available in the market, choose one that is best suited for your space and indulgence if some natural living.