Different Movie Elements that make Movies to be Fun and Memorable

After watching a film, various elements will determine whether that movie will become a memory or will just fade immediately after walking out of the cinema hall. How well a director combines different movie items such as visuals, sound, timing, characters as well as script and props determines how enjoyable and suspensive the film will be. Also, how well the characters come out and perform their distinct roles determines thrilling and great a movie will be.

Some movies have been able to capture the audience since the 19th century when filming relied only on natural illusions. Even though, the characters such as Charlie chaplain who was the star in 1920’s were able to pull up great acts by including pops left individuals agaze. If you go to this page, you will find more great films that left a mark in the movie industry by combining different elements to come up with magnificent films.

Before 1930, movies were silent and filled with props and subtexts, which current directors overlook. According to current movie directors, they feel that inserting sub texts reduces the suspense and many viewers take most of their time reading them rather than following plots as they unfold. Props made the comedy movies more memorable and fun to watch. To date, some directors still use props when producing a movie and if you were a movie fanatic in 1920’s it would make you feel awesome.

On the other hand, storytelling is another aspect that can either make or break a film. If a movie has a good story line, then be sure you will enjoy, and you will not get lost in the middle. Great play writers can create an imaginary future story, and then phrase it in a thrilling way that would grab your attention and scoop your feelings and make you feel as if you are a part of the story. How well the director inserts a song, an edit, dialogue or a pop matters how you will perceive a movie. Great films are a result of great combinations of great characters, great movie directors, great movie producers and great script writers. A great movie can take decades and still thrill the audience if diligence care and professionalism are applied during its production stages. A movie should explicitly convey the message in a way that the audience receives and decodes it quickly without difficulties or complications as it may be boring to watch such a movie.