How To Choose Your Yogurt Maker

Homemade yogurt can be easier to prepare than you think. If you are used to eating yogurt on a daily basis, a good yogurt maker not only provides a fast and reliable way to make yogurt but also enables you to incorporate your preferred ingredients and flavors. The process is quite simplified and unlike commercial yogurt which contains unhealthy additives, making your own yogurt comes with numerous health and economic benefits.

There are several highly rated yogurt maker brands available on the market today. With a good brand at hand, you are sure to always end up with bottles of quality yogurt. To ensure that you benefit greatly from your choice, here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

The Model

Due to the high demand of yogurt makers, several types are continuously produced, making it hard to identify the right one. Some yogurt making appliances are electrical while some are non-electrical. Electrical makers always feature a timer which stops the process as soon as the yogurt is fully fermented. Non-electrical yogurt makers use hot water to initiate the fermentation process and thus may not stop the fermentation process. If you intend to make other products besides yogurt such as cheese and buttermilk then you may need to get a multipurpose appliance. Learn more at

The timer

The timer is vital in the yogurt making process as it prevents your yogurt from over-fermenting. Most timers are programmed to turn off when the process is complete, saving electricity and other resources. Non-timer based yogurt makers produce a signal to mark the end of fermentation but do not stop the fermentation process, making the yogurt too acidic. Different makers utilize different amounts of time to ferment the yogurt. The best maker is one that indicates the exact amount of time needed for the process.

Number of Pots

These vary from brand to brand in terms of size and volume. It is vital to get pot sizes that meet your daily yogurt needs. You can also use several pots to make different yogurt flavors at once to save time. Yummy Yogurt has some of the best economical brands.

The Cost

Yogurt makers cover a wide range of prices. When purchasing one, you need to be careful as some of the costly brands may be the most reliable and high quality. Nonetheless, it is not wrong to go for a cheaper model as long as it meets your preferences.


When purchasing a yogurt maker, be sure to get one that is easy to use and maintain. A good yogurt maker is one of the best home appliances that you can get. Be sure to check out its specifications and reviews before making a purchase to avoid regretting later.