Know Types Of Ladder To Choose Better For Your Purpose

A ladder is an essential requirement if you need to reach certain heights for performing the work. There are several types of ladders available to meet the requirement of the workers in different industries as well as household work. If you are looking forward to buy a ladder, you should consider some factors which will help you in deciding what kind of ladder you are looking for. Different types of ladders are available which have certain specification for the specific purpose. Now, you have to understand what the types are and which one can make your work easier and efficient.

Types of Ladder

A long journey of ladder after its invention came out with various types of ladder. There are some other types other than these primary ones and a number of modified versions. To know thorough about ladders, you can visit

Step Ladders:  it is a self supported ladder which is commonly used in industry. The most beneficial trait of this ladder is that it doesn’t require any kind of support like to lean against. It has wide area of use as it can be used in garden area, outer constructions and middle of any floor or to the roof. Further two sub types of step ladders are:

  • Front Step Ladder: The two direction legs of this ladder have one side which can only be used to climb on and the other side is just for support.
  • Twin Step Ladder: it is more popular and commonly used ladder where both sides can be used to climb on. Either of the side according to convenience can be used and additionally another person also can climb for help or secondary purpose simultaneously.

Platform Ladders:  it is a kind of a front step ladder which ends on the top step as a platform which helps you to work for long hours. Generally, for roof works or anywhere two-hand works are required, a platform ladder serves the best. It provides maximum safety while standing at top step or platform. At the top, it is around covered with a rail guard to ensure your balance.

Extension Ladder: these ladders are ‘straight’ ladders which need a support to lean against like wall, house, terrace etc. and work for high altitude works. After fixation to its support, the two parts which you can consider for the work is its base which is firmly jammed at the grounds and other is ‘fly’, an extension part of ladder which can be stretched upwards according to need by rope or hooks.