Making an Old Car Look Brand New

Making an Old Car Look Brand New

Many people lose confidence in driving their old cars since they look worn down. After all, this is the likely cause as to why people purchase a new car for themselves. However, it would be a waste to say goodbye to a car that looks old yet functions well. Instead, you can follow these tips to “remodel” it and not put it to waste.

Hardcore Cleaning

Nothing makes an old car shine again more than hardcore cleaning. Yes, as long as you avoid doing a sloppy job, you can turn your car into something fresh. Begin by shampooing the interior, such as the carpet and upholstery. You may also want to remove seat cushions and any leftover crumbs. Then, get rid of all the garbage stuck in your trunk, and remove your spare tires.

Also, you would want to clean the tires thoroughly. Perhaps clean the engine bay and everything beneath the car. Lastly, if you are capable, remove the front seats and clean it with a vacuum. What makes hardcore cleaning great is the possibility of identifying hidden problems with regards to your car.

Cockpit Makeover

Nothing kills a driver’s motivation more than a dirty cockpit. Thus, it is best that you begin with the dashboard and the steering wheel. Perhaps a replacement for the wheel cover can make it look new again, and so would a dashboard cover. Another part that you’ll want to take a look at your dashboard’s illumination since these tend to dim after years of inattention. You could purchase new or recycled illumination knobs to make your speedometers readable again.

Interior Features

Maybe you have an outdated sound system that you want to replace, like an old radio unit. If so, switch them with one that can link with an iPhone and iPod, or a satellite radio. Also, a Bluetooth connection would make your vehicle more modern. Lastly, an electronic GPS navigation system is also affordable nowadays, so you may want to add this to your arsenal of interior features.

Cold Air Intake Filters

Cold air intake systems are now available at an affordable price, and with easy installation. These may give your car a clean, roaring sound, like a beast. Thus, a new muffler may be an upgrade for it.

Restore Headlights and Lenses

Plastic composite headlamps tend to become dull as time passes. Therefore, it may not be bad if you purchase a new headlight for cheap. Also, the installation is quite easy, and in no time, you will have a clear headlight.

Reviving the AC

An old car AC can have buildups of bacteria, mildew, and mold. Thus, it may be best to clean out your system, which you can begin by ensuring that air is not passing through dust in the air passageways. Next, you replace old filters with new ones. Lastly, you may add a deodorizer or a freshener to refresh your AC. If you find it difficult to maintain the system, look at this special offer at, since they offer AC maintenance.


Although it takes a bit of effort, you can renew an old car without spending too much. After all, it is a much wiser choice to “remodel” your car rather than replace it, if it still functions well.