What Precautions Does A Dentist 11901 Take When Removing Mercury Fillings?

Carrying out appropriate testing and taking safety precautions is very necessary when removing amalgam or mercury fillings. Mercury is highly toxic and an oxidant catalyst. Using correct safety precautions when removing mercury fillings becomes necessary in order to avoid making matters worse for the patients, especially if they are already ill or suffering from mercury poisoning. For people suffering from mercury poisoning due to their amalgam fillings, removing the fillings is the best solution, and the following precautions are followed by a dentist 11901.

Usually, it is best for people to visit a bio-compatible dentist if they want to get their mercury fillings removed. These dentists are specifically qualified in the removal of amalgam fillings and take all the necessary safety precautions. By the time people decide that they should visit a bio-compatible dentist to get their mercury fillings removed, their body already contains a certain amount of mercury that it absorbed. Thus, the dentists, firstly, evaluate how the body is handling the toxic substance.

Before the removal is started, any blockage in the tissues by the toxins and whether the additional mercury burden can be handled by the kidneys is also evaluated by the dentist. The dentists often also carry out a blood and hair analysis, and even consult a detailed symptom history to ensure that they are able to remove amalgam fillings from a patient safely.

Next the patient’s body and bodily functions are examined, ensuring that they are working effectively and normally. Before beginning the removal process, the dentists always make sure that the patient’s elimination system is functioning properly since the bowel is the main route for the excretion of mercury. Before the mercury fillings in their teeth are removed, patients are often recommended by the dentist to take certain minerals, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and supplements.

During the removal process, patient’s breath through a nose mask, their mouth is covered with a rubber dam; the drill pours out a lot of water, and special high speed suction is used. Rather than grinding the fillings out, they are sectioned out in chunks so the amount of vapor is decreased. An electric drill is used by bio-compatible dentists for the removal. Unlike an air turbine, more efficient cuts are made by the drill. Since an electric drill has slower revolutions per minute so the teeth are not heated. To ensure that the amount of mercury vapors are reduced, air filters are also used in the treatment rooms.

Bio-compatible dentists even refer the patients to a physician once the amalgam removal is completed so that they are prescribed with some Vitamin C supplement. The impact of mercury once it has entered the bloodstream is minimized by the antioxidant effects of Vitamin C. A dentist 11901 will generally recommend a patient to get all the mercury fillings in their teeth removed as soon as possible, in order to avoid mental and physical stress.

There have been cases where amalgam filling removals have gone wrong, causing the patient to fall further ill. However, as long as these precautions are taken, there are no chances of complications.