How to Prepare for a Christmas Dinner, Nice and Easy

Christmas is around the corner, and you want everything to fall into place perfectly. However, things can go wrong if you don’t make plans way before the big day. We share a few tips to help you to avoid the last minute rush and to ensure that everyone enjoys a bite of their favorite food at the Christmas dinner table.

Sharpen the Knives

Be sure to sharpen your knives a day or two before Christmas. You see, a sharp knife allows faster and easier cooking. And, with all the cutting happening during Christmas, the last thing you want is a blunt knife that can barely handle your needs. At Cut it Fine, we review an assortment of kitchen knives to help you kick-start your preparation for the Christmas dinner in style. Our collection of knives is well-thought-out and guaranteed to meet your cooking needs.

Prepare the Foods in Advance

We recommend that you make Christmas pudding up to three weeks in advance to give it time to mature. If you plan to do some baking, prepare the pastry for mince pies and freeze in a tray. You’d also want to make (and freeze) the bread sauce to accompany the Christmas goose or turkey.

Also, don’t forget to buy all the non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks you will need over Christmas. Make sure that you organize the freezer and the fridge to create space for any additional drinks or food. You may purchase table decorations as well.

Go Through Your Plan on Christmas Eve

Even with the best planning, you may miss a thing or two. So, be sure to go through your draft all over on again on Christmas Eve to avoid any surprises. In case you forgot to buy any food item or drink, order as soon as possible. Also, remember to allocate time for each task so that everything runs smoothly; from start to finish.

Other jobs to carry out on Christmas Eve include;



    • Setting the table


    • Arranging the cutlery for easy access during cooking


    • Sorting the napkins and silverware



    • Stuffing the turkey

You should also go to bed early enough so that you can wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.

Cooking the Dinner

Okay, preparing the Christmas dinner can be backbreaking. You, therefore, need to make it an enjoyable experience by inviting family and friends to offer a helping hand. Besides, you could make do with some company (if none of them can cook). Serve the meals at the right time and right temperature. Happy Christmas!