Understand The Types Of Sinks Before Buying A Kitchen Sink For Your Home

Kitchen is a crucial part of your house and should be designed with precision to ease the work. There are several designs available in the market and today people are going for modular kitchens that can be customized as per the requirements. Apart from the appliances and other features, kitchen sinks should also be taken into consideration. Getting the right sink eases the process of dish washing, cleaning the vegetables and several other tasks. They also add to the aesthetics of the kitchen. If you are willing to get a sink installed in your kitchen, you can check out the several options at http://www.pimpmysink.com/.

Types of Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks can be categorized in two ways – by its material and by its style:

By Its Material

Stainless Steel: Available in all sizes and various styles, stainless steel sinks are most popular as they are heat and stain resistant. Fine finishing helps to provide less noticeable watermarks and stains. They come at affordable prices and have long life.

Composite Granite/Quartz: Composite sinks whether it is granite or quartz are combined with resin filler which looks more aesthetic and offer more durability and low maintenance. They are highly resistant to scratches and stains.

Fireclay:  As by name, it is manufactured at high temperature with heating clay. They are extremely stain, scratch and chip resistant.

Cast iron: Most durable and long lasting sinks with enamel finishing. They work best as combination of authenticity and modern décor’ which makes it one of the popular choices.

By its style

The categorization according to style is also to understand before you opt for a particular sink.

Single Bowl: Single bowl as the name indicates refers to only a single basin which is available in very compact design and size. They are bigger in size than double sink occupying same space and are generally used for cleaning large utensils and pots.

Double Bowl: Double basins come with two platforms and are available in various specifications like unequal or equal size of basins or difference in depth. These offer a high level of comfort in washing dishes.

Top Mount: These types of basins are mounted over the kitchen counter. These drop in sinks are easy and less expensive than others with no need of internal support.

Farmhouse: The forward facing look of basin signifies these kinds of basins which save the upper space. This is traditional or country based design and is also referred to as Apron basin.